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Demo 27 - Using the Plants and Gardens program

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The Photo Organisation screen for a selected plant.
There is no limit to the number of photos you can link to per plant. You can link a plant to a Photo on your hard
disk, CD, or DVD. A unique feature allows you to link to web pages and photos found on the internet. You can
link a plant a) direct to a web page, or b) direct to an image deep in a web site.
Permission is granted to Ideas Genie users to deep link to photos on our Ideas for Gardens web site.
Double clicking on a (Disk) line will display a disk photo full size. In the case of internet photos, Ideas Genie
opens a web browser and displays the URL. Magic!
You can shuffle your photos into a preferred order using the Nudge buttons at the right of the screen.
You can nominate one of the photos in your collection for any selected plant by clicking on the “Set Main”
buttons. The Main photo is identified with two asterisks (**).
The main photo is the one displayed when you “right click” on a plant name in various other screens in the system, a quick display feature.
In this screen however, Right Clicking displays a thumbnail image of the selected photo title in the list (disk photos only).
The Next screenshot shows what happens when the second line below is double-clicked.

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