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The Original Concept, and the final Product

To allow YOU to document YOUR garden.

Inspired by and dedicated to Dr June Weir, Lisburn

Dr Weir produced a 26 page booklet charting the plants in her garden for her annual fund raising open day for her Church. Each area had a name. The plants in each garden area were identified. Dr Weir’s garden was a joy to behold, and not surprisingly, many photographic records were kept, carefully dated and documented.

As a keen gardener, plant collector and professional systems developer,our expert decided to produce the computer equivalent.

The result
From it’s humble origin in 1998, the software has evolved into a very sophisticated commercial product.
Following continual review, and an upgrade using the very latest state of the art software development tools, we present a finished product just bristling with goodies.

The system has many configurable and power editing features to excite the purist and the professional.

Here we list some examples of how the Ideas Genie provides solutions in response to your wishes.

Solved 1     I have lots of photographs of my garden. I would like a system to organise them for me on my computer. I wish….

Solved 2     When I look back over my photos I cannot remember the names of all the plants. I would love to be able to click with my mouse on any flower and have the computer show me its name. I would love….

Solved 3     I would like to build up a personalised database of MY plants. I would like to include some plants which my plant society friends have.

Solved 4     I use the internet a lot. I find many gardening articles of interest but have no way of organising the data. I wish…..

Solved 5      I propogate plants for my son/daughter/friends. I want to keep track of…..

Solved 6     I want to be able to find articles I’ve read about in a Book or a previous issue of a Magazine. I wish….

Solved 7    In my research work, I have lots of WORD documents, many with photographs. I would like to link these to plants and Topics. I wish...

Solved 8     I want a task list I can manipulate, prioritise and print before I go gardening.

Solved 9     I want to build a list of "Plants To Buy" to prepare for garden centre visits.I’d like to organise the web addresses of the suppliers I find on the internet and details of their catalog on my computer.

Solved 10      I want to build a list of "Seed To Buy". Who from, when to buy, how much……

All solved by Ideas Genie- Software for Plant Lovers

Ideas Genie - Software for Plant Lovers .
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