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 Ideas Genie Master Database

A variegated Sedum

The Ideas Genie MASTER database
How to order:- A free copy of the Master Database is included with every new order (CD Option ONLY) for Ideas Genie, Ideas Genie Pro, Bonsai Genie or Flower Genie
If you are about to treat yourself to a copy of Ideas Genie, see our Special Offers
Contents:- Over 36,00 plants, over 2100 photos.
Media:- DVD or Flash Drive
Availability:-  Supplied free with every order for any one of our Gardening Software items
Current Status: Plant Names, Plant Photos, Garden Photos, Gardeners, Suppliers
Contributors: Many friends of the project from around the world.
Classification Used: See individual Genera e.g. Rosa, Rhododendron

An encyclopedia of plants.

Photographs of Gardens by Style, with “lassooed” Plant Names. e.g. Rock Gardens, Conifer & Heather gardens, Herbacious Borders etc.

Plant and colour Combinations. Actual photos of REAL plant groupings in REAL gardens. See how other gardeners play with foliage to produce pleasing results which YOU can apply in YOUR garden.
Plant associations are the most difficult challenge to gardeners. Get garden ideas here!

Photographs of Garden Features

The query program (in Ideas Genie) can be used to extract plants with particular Cultivation conditions and/or specific properties. Intended for Garden Designers.
e.g. Perennials, suitable for Zone 7 or Zone 8, suitable for full sun or semi shade, in the Pink or Mauve Colour range, suitable for a Rock Garden.

The photos (and plant information) on the CD may be viewed either selectively or in slide shows.
The Slide show components are designed to be entirely suitable for both home enjoyment and for professional presentations.

About this database .
A number of new Ideas Genie users enquired if I could help migrate their existing plant databases into Ideas Genie. Databases with 400 to 2700 plants, mostly in Access and Excel, were successfully processed. The users gave me permission to roll the plants listings into a common, or Master Database. Hence, in the main, this database contains plants actually grown by Ideas Genie users.
The origin of these plants is maintained. Hence, YOU can click on a plant name and a list of gardeners who grow the plant is displayed.

The photos in the database have been contributed by Gardeners from around the world.
Also, photos of private and public gardens in Ireland.
The most significant plants in the photos have been identified (lassooed) and are listed in the database. As such, you can point to a plant in a photo and its name appears, demonstrating one of the unique features of the software.


Ideas Genie - Software for Plant Lovers .
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