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Review No 1 : By Connie Krochmal, Garden Writer, New York  for Suite101
Review No 2: By Connie Krochmal, Garden Writer, New York  for Suite101

Review No 3: By Mike Bedford, England for Computer Shopper (Appeared in the October 05 issue)

Review No 1 & 2
Our very first review, by Connie Krochmal, New York.
Connie is a member of the Garden Writers Association and is a garden columnist for Suite, Bellaonline, and the Washington Daily News.

You bite your nails for a few weeks while you wait for the result of a review, wondering how your creation will be accepted, particularly when it is being compared to other products.
I felt much better when Connie sent me this email with her initial impressions:

The only word to describe it is awesome. It is everything that gardeners need and more. Most of the gardening software programs are much more limited in scope, but this one is certainly the best around. I can see that already. I can see why it was such a success at the Pacific Northwest F & G show.

Theres more! Please read this before visiting “the mega” Suite101 to read the full article.
The article is called Gardening Software for Holiday Gifts. You will need to scroll down the page to find it.
You may be convinced to treat yourself to a copy for Christmas!
Review No 1
Now click here to visit Suite101 and read how Connie rated Ideas Genie

Connie is the Cacti and Succulents expert at Bellaonline.
Heres her review of CD’s for Christmas. The article is entitled “Gardening Software is the Ideal Holiday Gift”, and Ideas Genie is highly recommended.

Review No 2
Now click here to read Connies review on Bellaonline

Review No 3
By Mike Bedford, West Yorkshire, England. His brief, as explained in an email to me was:
“I've been commissioned by Computer Shopper magazine (audited  circulation 107,000 - the UK's highest circulation computer monthly) to write a  review of gardening related software and Websites”
The review appeared in the October 2005 issue (on the shelves 18th August 2005)”
Heres his review of Ideas Genie

Ideas Genie is unlike any of the other packages reviewed here. According to the supplier, the most commonly asked question (at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, Seattle) is “But what does it do?”  and I asked the same question when I started using it. It has elements in common with the other packages here, most notably a database of plants, and as with the standalone plant encyclopedias you can search by various citeria such as soil type and plant size.
However, the emphasis is different. In Ideas Genie you are encouraged to keep your own records, so you can add to or edit the plant descriptions and add your own plants and photos either of plants on their own or in a garden setting. By swapping databases you can also exchange ideas with others. In fact, you can buy a selection of swap files for some well known gardens (including The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall) for inspiration.
In addition to maintaining a database of plants, Ideas Genie also lets you document your garden. You can record what you’ve planted, where you bought it and much more. You can add your own care instructions and pruning schedules by adding links to Word documents, line drawings or web pages.
Rating  : 3 stars (= Good kit, fairly priced)
              (Out of a Maximum of 5)
Pros: Plenty of scope for adding your own plants and photographs
Cons: By far the most expensive package here for the non-specialist gardener.

My own comments on the review:
As Mike pointed out, none of the other products reviewed were of the same specification as Ideas Genie. Some were “Out of the Box” products, intended for mass marketing, so price wise, it wasnt an “Apples versus Apples” comparison.
I like to think Ideas Genie is reasonably priced for its intended market, the very keen gardener, plant collector and professional.
I have to say Mike did a very good job of giving a concise and accurate account of what it does.
My version is a bit more long winded!

Ideas Genie - Software for Plant Lovers .
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