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Ideas Genie - What does it do? - For the studious gardener

Ideas Genie will appeal to the studious gardener whose curiosity has been aroused by the abundance of delightful plants which are now so readily available both in local outlets and by mail order.

Ideas Genie will help you choose these plants.
Ideas Genie will allow you to create a  wish list of plant names and photos with comparative supplier details and plant details at the click of a mouse in your personalised system. You can even save (and multi categorise)  web addresses of suppliers and resources and insert URL links to revisit these sites easily in the future.

Ideas Genie will then allow you to keep track of the plants and photos of your garden.

The possibilities are endless, and Ideas Genie is UNIQUE!

Ideas Genie can help you if you are puzzling over the plants and plant types to use in your garden.
Ideas Genie will introduce you to a variety of Garden Styles favoured by other Ideas Genie users, and the plants used in them.
We’ve accumulated many photographs of REAL gardens and more than 36,000 plants. You can review these to stimulate ideas for areas of YOUR garden.e.g. You will be able to review quality photos of Rockeries, Herbacious Borders, Conifer & Heathers, Alpine Gardens and more.
And of course, ponds, water features and garden features.

We have an international group of members who enjoy sharing their gardening experiences on our very active Ideas Genie Community forum. You’ll be made very welcome if you decide to join in! You’ll find discussions and more photos of plants and gardens. You’ll get garden design suggestions and a quick answer to any plant related question. You’ll start a full scale debate if you’re trying to put a name to that unidentified plant!. 

If you are surfing, the software will allow you to save the names AND links to photos of interesting plants you find on the net.

Ideas Genie will make the selection of your plants a fun experience.

Perplexed by Botanical Names?
Dont worry.The folk on our forum made me well aware of this problem.
In a program especially designed for the Amateur, simply copy and paste the full name of the plant EXACTLY as found into a single field in Ideas Genie.
Then click a button. The plant is entered and added to your list.
A bit of  Ideas Genie “magic” is performed in the background during this simple action. The Genie analyses the name when you paste (or interactively as you type) and breaks the name into its Botanical elements and displays the elements in respective fields.
You’ll probably want to ignore this at first, but as you progress you’ll find it interesting to observe the “decoding”. You are guaranteed to learn the Botanical structure of plant names in a truly unique way.
Be warned. Once you find out what a Cultivar is you run the risk of catching the Plant Collecting bug!

Other Interesting Features for the Beginner.
Run slide show of gardens. Pause the show. Point to a plant you like in a photo and the name appears.
Thats what we describe as the “lasso” feature. Its fun!

Ideas Genie - Software for Plant Lovers .
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