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“Sam Whis4ey”  - Antrim, N. Ireland
 Fujiyama Garden



Another TV garden!!
”Sam” posted a message on our forum to announce that his garden was to be on TV.
The cameras arrived on 9th September 05 and the TV program was transmitted on the 22nd Sept.
Believe me, it was well worth watching.

The gardens he created (buy his book on how it was constructed!) would make many public gardens look second rate!  Visit his site for a truly exceptional experience. You can buy the book on his site, with photos at all stages of construction and development. Its a really good publication, and proceeds go to a worthy cause.

I “bumped into ” Sam on the internet a number of times before making contact in 2003. I was looking for material for the Acers database for use with Ideas Genie, and I was so surprised when I discovered that he lived a mere 30 miles from my home. I visited Sam on 8th May 2004 and took 155 photos! I’d never seen such a collection of Acers! So many beautiful cultivars in one garden. Only one element of the Japanese Garden of course.

This man is phenomenal!





A view of the “man made” lake (below), a major feature in Sams Fujiyama garden. Being a Japanese Maple fanatic, you’ll see that I purposely took the shot through the distinctive red shoots of Acer ‘Sango-kaku’  (probably better known as Senkaki)





Remember, the original purpose of Ideas Genie is to document your garden plants, garden areas and your photos

Private gardens of all sizes and syles, and public gardens.



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